Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to pack a POD

So, earlier today our garage looked like this:
and our bedroom looked like this:
and that was just the boxes we had packed up. Still scattered all around the house was all the empty furniture.

So, when this 16 ft POD was delivered this afternoon, I thought there was no way we were getting everything in there.
I don't know why I was worried, though because with helpers like these:
and these, of course it was going to be no problem.
A few hours later we had this. Every single box we had packed along with every piece of furniture other than our kitchen table and the mattresses off our beds fit in this trailer.
Really, we couldn't have done this without our incredible friends who gave up their afternoon and evening in the very hot weather to help us get this thing loaded. I told Nae they should all form a packing business - it really was amazing how much stuff they got in there. Thanks guys for all the help. Now we have a couple weeks to live in a house that's so empty it echoes.

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