Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From the backyard...

So, lots going on around here but not many pictures to document the happenings. I made myself take the camera outside after dinner tonight so we could get some new pictures on the 'ole blog.

Here's a little game that our kids call, "Oops, my nose!" The rules are very simple.
Everyone attempts to slide down the slide at the same time with much laughing and screaming.
Usually ending up like this at the bottom. The name, "Oops, my nose!" apparently comes from all the crashing and hitting each other including in the nose. I know, pretty ingenious, huh?
After all that excitement, Gabe wanted me to put the camera on action and take some pictures of him spinning on the swing.
Picnik collage
Eden getting ready to go down the slide. Which she loves.
Alena - I just love her little smile.
Mya with a very chocolate mouth cracking up at Gabe.
Gabe has a chocolate mouth as well.
And that is an evening spent in our backyard.

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Amanda said...

i have so many great memories from nights spent in my own backyard with my family! So great that y'all are giving your kids that opportunity! :) Speaking of your kids...they are growing up SO fast!!!!! adorable, love the pics! :)