Thursday, April 15, 2010

Warrior Princess

Since we live on a cul-da-sac, it seems there is always a gang of kids in our front yard. Gabe has loved having these built-in playmates and every afternoon that the weather is nice you can guarantee there will be a knock at the door wanting to see if he can come outside. So, for the last few weeks, we have been letting Mya go out as well. Now this group of kids is almost always exclusively boys and they are most often fighting with light sabers or some other such boy game. I talked with Mya letting her know if she was going to go out and play with the boys she couldn't come in crying all the time because she got hurt or they weren't playing what she wanted. So, we've had not problems at all and she has loved being a part of this group. I have to say we've been really impressed with how kind the other boys are to her as well.

So tonight at dinner Gabe and Mya had been out playing for a couple of hours and we had them come in to eat. I was asking what they were playing out there and then Nae asked Mya if the boys were being nice to her. She replied that they were and then Nae asks Gabe if he watches out for Mya when they are outside. Gabe says, "Yes! But really I don't have to because Mya is a real good fighter. She can beat all the boys!" So there you have it; not only can she twirl around in her "twirly skirt" she can also fight off all the boys. This girl is something else!

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Anne said...

Way to go Mya!!!!!