Saturday, April 03, 2010

An Easter to remember

This pretty much sums up our weekend thus far:
All of the kids have strep throat (or probable strep we're still waiting on Eden's culture to come back). On top of that, they've had a nasty virus/cold that no one seems to be able to shake. It has been a long week, but we're hopeful that everyone turned the corner today and next week will be better.

We did do a little egg dying this afternoon out on the porch, and maybe it was because they were all pretty subdued from being sick or maybe it's because they're getting older, but either way it went really well and very little mess was made. Dying eggs is not usually one of my favorite activities. (You can really tell in these pictures how bad the girls were feeling.)
Picnik collage
Later this evening, they all found enough energy to do a little egg hunting.
Picnik collage
Eden didn't participate in the egg dying or egg hunting but she really enjoyed this:
our pediatrician recommended a popsicle to help soothe her red/blistered throat if we could get her to eat it. Ha! If we could get her to eat it? I don't think any of us would have been brave enough to take it away - she ate that thing like a pro.


Amy said...

The girls look so pitiful! We had the same head crud a few weeks ago and have moved on to the stomach bug. Hope your crew is on the mend soon!

Julie said...

I hope y'all are on the mend...germs are no fun.