Friday, March 05, 2010

Reading and 7 months

That is reading and 7 months not at 7 months - no teaching your baby to read around here :)

Mya and Alena were doing some early morning reading the other day - very early since Mya is still in her pj's and neither of them have their hair fixed. Alena was really into wearing that hood for some reason.
Here Alena is trying to fix the hood. They would take turns "reading" stories to each other. Mya actually remembers enough of a book to make it sound like she is reading Alena is pretty hit or miss with her "reading" but she has no shortage of words or ideas.
And I couldn't let Eden's 7 month mark pass without a few pictures.
Eden is not a pacifier or finger/thumb sucking baby but she does love her blanket and she always puts the silky side in her mouth.

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Julie said...

Good hair day for Eden? I can't believe how fast these babies are growing....