Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow - day 1

For once the weather people were correct; we have gotten our promised snow and it still falls. Everyone bundled up this afternoon to brave the cold temps and enjoy the snowfall. I had to laugh when I was getting them ready because our hand-me-down snow gear definitely decreases as the kids get older. Alena was decked out in a real snow suit, Mya at least had on snow pants and poor Gabriel had to wear a pair of my pants. The girls also had snow boots but Gabe had to wear his rain boots. Despite it all, however they stayed warm, dry and Gabe stayed out with the neighborhood boys until it was too dark to see.
Why yes, that is a Yoda hat that Alena is wearing - we had a small battle of the wills over the hat wearing until all parties were satisfied with this one.
Picnik collage
and, Mya is sporting a Shrek hat that Emma got from saving cereal box UPC's
Picnik collage
This is the first time that Gabriel has really enjoyed playing in, "The most snow Nashville has ever had!" according to him. It makes me wish we had a sled but I don't guess it's really worth storing one for the couple days every few years we could actually use it.
Picnik collage
I'm sure they'll be more pictures to come tomorrow...

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