Saturday, January 09, 2010

The rest of our week

On Thursday, we made these spiders to go along with our study of Ancient Africa and reading several Anansi the spider stories. They turned out pretty cute although it would have been more appropriate to do this in the fall when it doesn't seem strange to decorate your mantle with spiders as we now have.
Not even an hour after the above picture was taken, Mya was on the couch looking like this as she had become the second unfourtunate victim of the stomach bug. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours as she was throwing up every 15 minutes - not fun!
Gabriel has moved back into the land of the well and hopefully will stay that way a while. Here he was playing with some playdough.
Alena, has yet to fall to the stomach bug, but has developed a very nasty cold with an on again, off again fever. Where does this stuff come from when she has not been out of the house for a week?
And Eden, thankfully remains healthy and we pray will stay that way. She hasn't made it out of her pajamas many times this week partly due to the cold and partly due to the fact that I was already doing so much laundry and really we weren't going anywhere. We did, however, find time to decorate her head and this is one of those pictures which she is probably going to look back and say, "Why in the world did you make me wear that thing?"

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Anne said...

All of your spiders look, COOL!!!!