Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December 8th - day 8 of the DPP

Mya is still a thumb sucker and I almost always find her just like this on the couch every morning.

posted in conjunction with the December Photo Project


Anne said...

I like you doing a new picture everyday - I think you should do it all year long!!!!

Julie said...

I agree.

Amy said...

I was going to tell you that Raegan and I have enjoyed your daily pictures too. She asks to see them every morning now. We love them!

Chrisa said...

We just wanted to agree with the rest; we're really enjoying this picture-a-day theme! It would be fun if ALL of the blogs that we read participated in this same project! :)

Mya certainly could not be accused of being too loud and bouncy in the mornings! :)

Love ya'll!

Sam and Chrisa