Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10th - day 10 of the DPP

Today was the day for our annual gum drop tree constructing - a tradition the kids look forward too. This was really Alena's first time since last year she "helped" but was too little to do much. This year she got her own tree.

A few more pictures of our afternoon.



As I was taking this picture, I was thinking how well they had done with this little project - everyone was cooperative and agreeable with only a small mess made. After the picture, I carried Mya and Alena's trees to the mantle and Alena knocked Gabe's tree off the table into the floor. We will choose to believe that it was accidental, but so much for the little mess. We had to re-do the entire thing.

posted in conjunction with the December Photo Project

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Anne said...

Seems like everything always happens to Alena!!!!! You will have to post a picture of the mantel:-)