Friday, September 11, 2009

The Fort

So, here's the result of all Grandaddy and Nae's hard work last weekend: a fort/clubhouse/tree house without the tree for the kids. I can't remember when the idea came to Gabe that he wanted a fort but over the last few months he had drawn some "plans" for how he wanted it to look. Since, Grandaddy, Grandmama, and Emma were coming down over Labor Day we decided to take advantage and get building. This little building actually turned into a much bigger project than we all anticipated but we're very happy with the outcome.

A few pictures from the building process:
Wouldn't you hire this little girl for your next carpentry job?

They worked all day Friday, Saturday and until about 4 on Monday meaning that Grandaddy, Grandmama, and Emma didn't get home to VA until after midnight. There are still a few cosmetic details to complete but "the fort" has certainly gotten a lot of use already this week.
Thanks Granddaddy and Daddy!


E.H. said...

Thanks for the pic website! I will be sure to experiment with it! :) Love Ya'll!
Auntie Em

Julie said...

Looks like fun. We're going to have to hire your crew if we're ever going to get ours built!

Carrie Cornett said...

We've been waiting and waiting for pictures! We are so impressed! Congratulations, can't wait for my kiddos to try it out!