Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day

We dropped Gabriel off this morning for his first day of school at the home school co-op that he will go to one day a week. To say he was excited is an understatement. When we pulled into the parking lot he said, "I can't wait to go inside!" He marched into his classroom and his teacher had to remind him to say goodbye to his Mom.
Here are a couple pictures from this morning:

When we got inside the building I saw a lot of the parents had their cameras to take pictures in the classroom and I hate I didn't think of doing that. It's probably for the best, though since it's not like I didn't have enough to keep up with between Gabe, Mya, a death grip on Alena's hand and Eden in the sling I don't know if I could have managed the camera as well.

Mya and Alena have been playing since we got home even though they've both asked me twice if it was time for Gabe to come home yet. Eden is sleeping and I'm off to go do laundry since Eden has managed to have a huge blow-out diaper while sitting in the swing, spit up resulting in another clothes change for herself and one for me as well and also peed on the blanket when I was cleaning her up. All that and it's not even lunch time yet!

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Julie said...

What happened?! It seems like it wasn't that long ago we were sporting our "Made in America" maternity tees, oblivious to what really comes with motherhood. Man, we're getting old, but how fun to see all these little ones!