Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bikes and Diapers

Sorry about the long delay in posting - all this traveling has gotten me off schedule but after our California trip and a quick trip to Dallas last weekend there will (hopefully) be no more flying for me for a long time. Nae, however has another trip coming up this weekend so it'll be off to VA for the kids and me for the week.

This is Alena's favorite way to ride a bike. She' s not really that interested in her tricycle, but calls this "My bike" and "My seat." Nae will often take her for a little spin while the other kids are riding their bikes in the street.
Here's her very concerned look again ,but she really does like riding even though you can't tell from the picture. She'll scream, "Weeee!" all the way down the hill.
And yes, I realize her helmet is way too big and not really doing any good. She insists on wearing it, though. She and Mya need helmets so that's on our list sometime in the near future.
Speaking of Mya, she also is doing really well with the no pedal bike riding. In fact, I can't believe how far she has come already. Mya is not usually my adventurous, try new things out child, but she's really taken to this and I think she'll be riding with pedals by the end of the summer. I highly recommend this way of learning to ride. Gabe went from never riding a bike to riding a two wheeler in just a few short months when he was 3 and Mya is well on her way as well.

Lastly,it's been a long time since I posted any of Nae's great money saving deals but this one was one of the best he's ever gotten. He stopped by Kroger on his way home from work today to get milk and noticed they had diapers on sale so he went back out tonight with coupons to see what he could get. Grand total: 3 packs of size 6 diapers and 7 packs of size 3 one of those a jumbo pack with 74 diapers, 2 boxes of wipes and 5 packs of batteries which they also had on sale all for $24 dollars. The really great news is that none of these diapers will be used for Alena because I decided to attempt potty training with her last week and in true Alena fashion she has gone all out and done really well. Way better than I expected - not only going to the potty but also telling me when she has to go which the other kids didn't do for a long time. We're so proud of her and glad that it looks like we won't have 2 in diapers at the same time (except for nighttime. I won't be attempting that any time soon.) The size 6 diapers we'll give to Will (who although a year younger that Alena is a good bit bigger) and the size 3s will put up for our new baby. It'll be so nice to pull those out when the time comes.

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listplanit said...

We also had a Bike weekend. I found a better-fitting bike for my oldest daughter at Goodwill for $15! She had been so nervous about riding, but the new bike did the trick! She has been riding her bike w/out training wheels now all week!