Saturday, May 02, 2009

And still, the rain came down...

Mya has especially enjoyed this book which we recently borrowed from the library and it was a very fitting read for this weekend. Gabe and Mya both love to camp (I mean what's not to love about camping when you're 5 and 3) and for months we had been telling them that, "the first weekend in May " we would all go camping. What we had not control over, however, was the weather and there was no way I was dragging us all out to a campsite to sit in a little tent wet and miserable all weekend. It really rained ALL DAY yesterday with thunderstorms and flooding to go along with it - camping outside was out of the question so in order to somewhat lessen the disappointment we agreed to a camping inside arrangement. It all started Friday night when we pumped up the air mattresses and slept in the living room (everyone but Alena who was more that happy to sleep in her own bed until 10am this morning!)

Then we ate all of our meals today on a tablecloth on the floor. Breakfast is Gabe's favorite meal so he was happy with the 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of sausage, biscuit and gravy and 2 buttered/jellyed biscuits Daddy cooked for him.
Our first little diversion project was to use this recipe to make up some Moon Sand. Now we've never used the real Moon Sand so I can't say how this compared, but the kids had a good time although it was quite messy and would be much better suited to outside especially when a certain almost 2 year old is involved. I doubled the recipe to make sure there was enough to go around.

After that we did self portraits/drawings on the big roll of paper. Gabe and Mya both really got into this and their finished drawings are now hanging in their room.

Daddy kept Alena occupied by allowing her to "trace his foot" which actually turned into more of a marker pedicure.

We also took a walk in between rain showers, and while Alena was napping played practically every kids game we own. Gabe and Mya spent some time outside looking for and finding worms and slugs and there also was quite a bit of loud music and dancing. To finish the night up we made Smores in the microwave and Alena got right down to the good part by declaring she only wanted, "Chocolate!" which you can see she thoroughly enjoyed.

I will add that Gabe and Mya are spending one more night "camping" in the living room on the mattress but they thankfully were very agreeable to allowing Nae and I to sleep in our own bed tonight. The weekend certainly didn't go as planned, but as a plan B it wasn't too bad and there will always be more weekends for camping though I'm not sure there will be any more weekends this summer for the pregnant Mommy...

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Julie said...

I wondered all weekend whether you were brave (or crazy) enough to go on as planned. Sounds like you made the best of the situation!