Friday, March 06, 2009

Random Alena Pictures

Alena enjoying the pretty weather with a death grip on her lollipop and a scream for anyone who came near. She didn't even like the sucker, but she certainly didn't want anyone taking it away.
The reason that Alena doesn't get to color with markers very often. She loves to use the markers but unless bath time is coming up, I don't usually let her; she doesn't seem to understand which end you hold on to.
And, this is what Alena looks like tonight after a minor face plant at the park today. Yesterday she flipped her chair over (while in it of course) and I was sure a concussion or something was imminent however she was hardly phased. Today, however I was right there watching her as she walked across the playground, she trips, falls, and comes away looking like this. You just can't win.
Lastly, here's one semi decent picture of all three were Alena is the only one smiling nicely.

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