Monday, February 09, 2009

Favorite thing

This is one of my favorite things about the unseasonably warm last few days we've had:

Lunch time outside is such a wonderful thing. It's a nice change of pace for them, and lots less mess for me. If you are wondering, yes, Alena is in her pajamas. She's had a fever all day and is feeling rather yucky so I just left her in her pjs. When the regular February weather returns, we're all going to be in for a huge shock. Gabe and Mya had on flip flops today and Gabe was in shorts.
When we made the decision to get Gabe Legos for his birthday (and Christmas) I already knew what a mess they were going to be but what I didn't know is how much he would enjoy them. He plays with his Legos everyday often just building things from his imagination (mostly Star Wars ships) but sometimes he uses ideas from the manual like this little hospital that he built and was very proud of. In fact, it's still sitting up on our mantle safe from Alena's little fingers.


Amy said...

Even here in the cold weather state, we got to enjoy some of this nice weather. We even ate outside at Sonic after a long day at the park. It was wonderful not to have to grab coats, hats, & mittens. Like Julie just reminded me, only 6 more weeks! Hope Alena is feeling better soon.

Julie said...

I second your sentiment on the advantages of warm weather...much less sweeping/vacuuming/wiping, and I'm really impressed with the Legos.