Thursday, February 26, 2009

All grown up

If her Daddy has any say about the matter (which actually he does) then Mya won't be getting her ears pierced for a long time; which is fine because these little stick on earrings just do the trick. The pictures aren't the greatest because I couldn't get her to turn her head the right way, but you get the idea. She thought they were very grown up and had to check them out in the mirror every few minutes to make sure they were still there.

Last Saturday, Nae was working and the weather was yucky outside so I pulled out the large roll of paper, gave everyone their own piece, and turned them loose to draw. It kept Alena busy for about as long as it took me to unroll her paper (and she got mad because I only let her use crayons), but Gabe and Mya kept at it for a while.
Mya's entire paper was drawn in one color. I'll let you guess what that color was.
Gabe did a scene of downtown Nashville which was pretty cute. Nae and I were both impressed with the details he remembered. He started it all out with NES (where Nae works) and then drew the library because whenever we got "downtown" it's usually to one of those two places. He added in some other buildings like a "skyscraper" asking me to spell out the words for him and then Nae took his drawing to work and hung it up (he actually took Mya's to work too).

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