Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas cheer

We finally made it to the Opryland Hotel this afternoon to see the Christmas lights and decorations. It was actually, a very enjoyable trip the best one we've ever had with children involved. Here's a few pictures even thought the lighting (and our camera) isn't the best.

Here the kids are waiting on Daddy. He dropped us off and then drove to Opry Mills (the mall), parked, and walked over to avoid the $18 parking fee. Who in the world would pay that much to park?
One thing that made our trip much easier was the absence of the stroller. I'm not sure why we've never done this before, but it was so much easier to have Alena in the Ergo than to be walking around trying to find an elevator.
Okay, I know Gabe looks like an old man with those pants and tennis shoes on but I didn't dare laugh at him or there would be no more wearing khaki pants!
Gabe took this picture in front of the huge poinsettia Christmas tree. They even had white poinsettias going around to look like a ribbon.
Can you see the fountains shooting up? This was the only bad part about going in the day before it got dark, there's a really neat area with lots of water spraying up at different heights and intervals and in the dark you can see all these spotlights that make the water look different colors. The ceiling above is glass, though so the sun was too bright for us to see the colors. They still enjoyed watching the water.
The kids are singing, "O Come all Ye Faithful" at the Christmas Eve service Wednesday and since I doubt they will sing this well or this loudly there, I wanted to make sure and get a video. The little entertainer will not be singing (even though she knows the chorus very well) but isn't it a shame that she's so timid and shy. :)


Amy said...

I'm waiting patiently to see if I'm to winner of a new Ergo carrier, but in case I don't win I've got a question or two. Just curious, does it take two people to put Alena in, or can you do it by yourself? I also need something more comfortable to pack Drew around (we have the bjorn and it hurts my back now that he is almost 24 lbs). Is it comfy to wear? I just want to make sure that I can operate it when I have the kids by myself (which is the majority of the time :) Thanks a bunch!

Megan said...

Thank you for the Christmas card, Clara! Such sweet pictures! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Carrie Cornett said...

OHHHHHHHH!!!! That was so sweet! We missed you guys at Christmas! Love to all there!