Monday, November 24, 2008

No excuse!!!

So, if anyone noticed that I haven't posted in over a week - sorry! I really have no excuse except that I haven't taken any pictures. I actually did attempt to get some pictures of the girls' super cute Thanksgiving hair bows that Kristin made them but alas they were not cooperating. I'll have to try again and I'll try to do better about posting.

Gabe and Mya had their 5 and 3 year check-ups today. I, thankfully, had the foresight to get a babysitter for Alena and I was so glad that I did. I knew that shots were going to be involved and the kids had been properly prepped but I was in no way prepared for Gabriel to get 5 shots! He actually did really well and there was no kicking and screaming but when it was all over the tears fell and then poor Mya was in the corner screaming, "I want to go home!" at the top of her lungs. She only had to get one so it was over pretty quick and we were on our way. I do have to mention that both Gabe and Mya were in the 90th percentile for height and between 50 and 75th for weight so there is hope for our little Alena who huddles around the 5th percentile. Just because they start off small doesn't mean they will always be. I took these pictures while they were watching "Curious George" this afternoon; they really didn't lay around looking pitiful all day. You can see in Gabe's picture that he's trying really hard to look "sick" and not smile.

I know the dental bills are coming for this little habit, and I know she's 3 and probably should stop, but I think it's so cute to see Mya sucking her thumb with "Nuh" in her hand. I have a feeling that when she's 16 and I look back at this picture I'm going to say, "She was still so small why was I worried about her thumb." At least I hope that's what I think :) We do usually require all thumb sucking to be done at bed time but she got away with it this afternoon.
Finally, Alena was all smiles this afternoon since she got all her shots over with last week. She was watching Nae in these pictures, and I know that I'm slightly biased but really can you get much cuter?

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