Thursday, November 27, 2008

How we celebrated

We have had a great Thanksgiving complete with fun turkey cookies the kids decorated and gorgeous weather. (Gabe and Mya were outside barefooted and we had the windows open.)
If Alena is not walking around all day asking, "Ere's Daddee?" then she's asking "Ere's Butter?" (that's, "where's Brother"). She really thinks Gabe's something and here she is giving him a hug. I think this picture is so sweet, and it's a good shot of Alena's pumpkin hair bow made by my friend Kristin.
We enjoyed having Nae's family (at least the one's that live in town) over for a Thanksgiving lunch. Here are Ma thu, Noi and Savannah.
Pa thu got the pleasure of reading a "Princess story" to Mya and Gabe. Mya snatched this up at the library and I just couldn't deny her "but Mom, I LOVE princesses and this is all about princesses."
Noi and Gabe, and you can definitely tell they are related.
Noi took this picture and I think it's really cute too - Mya and Savannah. They were having a little tea party in Mya's room.
Alena was in the bed for most of the celebrating but she did get up right before everyone left.
Can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already - all that planning and all that work. However, on to something else; tomorrow we plan to get out the Christmas stuff.


E.H. said...

I am glad you liked our Christmas Tree! I thought the white beads added some character to the tree as well...:)

Amy said...

I'm impressed you hosted Thanksgiving!!! You are much braver than I am. And i love the cookies.