Saturday, October 11, 2008

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Today we went on our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch to enjoy some farm activities and to get us all in the mood for fall (despite temps in the high 80s). This years trip was extra fun because we met up with our friends the Crooks. For the record, Gabe had a soccer game this morning before our little outing and I did bring along a change of clothes so we might get some nice pictures, but he insisted on wearing the uniform (although we did have him take the cleats off) and I just didn't fight that battle -thus the clothes.

One person in our family is really not into taking pictures these days - I"ll let you guess who that might be. Here the kiddos are at the start of the morning.
The Crooks little girl Anna Claire really, really likes Nae so he spent part of the morning like this: (Alena's not asleep, btw, I just snapped the picture while her eyes were closed)
do you think people thought they were twins?

and just because she's so cute and has the prettiest blue eyes, here's another picture of Anna Claire
Gabe and Mya took a turn on the tire swing, although it was a lot scarier than it looked once they got up there.

Alena picking out her special pumpkin.
Three best friends going on the "hay ride" (there was actually no hay involved, just two big wagons pulled by a tractor)
This picture just cracks me up - the Crook children are posing so nicely and then there are my three. Mya would only stand away from everyone and didn't want anyone touching "her" wheel, Alena is very unhappy and trying to escape, and Gabriel is about to pull Alena's arm off too keep her from escaping.
After the picture above, we should have just given up but no, we also attempted a family shot which would have turned out fine except that said just turned three year old decided she would not look at the camera no matter what we tried.
It reminded me a lot of this picture, also taken at the pumpkin patch, and also where Mya is not looking at the camera of course that is because she is only 14 days old, only 6+ pounds, and buried inside the carrier instead of because of just refusing to do it. And as an aside, look how cute 2 year old Gabriel was; not that he's not cute now, but man he looks like a baby and we thought he was so big.

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Julie said...

I love to see someone else who has similar experiences with taking pictures. Such is life.