Monday, September 15, 2008

Soccer Day

Gabe's second soccer game for the fall season was Saturday. (I totally forgot to take any pictures at the first game - don't know what could have been distracting me) . He's enjoyed playing this time around and there have been no tears at practice like the first time; in fact, quite the opposite, he was up at a very early hour Saturday morning in anticipation of the game. Giving Coach Jennifer a "hand five" after scoring a goal. Not sure why he gets "hand five" and "high five" confused.
These three played almost the entire game and it was hot - already in the 90's at 9 am.
He played for the same coach last season which has helped greatly with his being comfortable - he knows exactly what to expect, and Jennifer does a great job getting the boys to play while still having a lot of fun.
Go Lion #7 - we are so proud of you!

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