Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Post from the Beach (# 3)

We've been amazed this week as we have watched Gabriel and marveled over how much he has grown up from last year. No longer a timid toddler, he has really enjoyed the ocean, sand and especially the pool . Last year he was so afraid of everything and didn't get in the ocean at all. This year he's riding his boogie board and having a great time.

Tonight at the pool he conquered another fear - jumping in the pool and going under water. He wanted me to take these pictures and put them on the computer so Ryan could see. So here you go, Ryan those few swimming lessons really did pay off as he swallowed half the pool tonight perfecting his jumping in and swimming skills. You'd never know that just two weeks ago he was hanging on for dear life refusing to be submerged under water.

Another big thing for Gabe today is seen in the below picture (sorry it's not that clear, the lighting was terrible.) There is a toy store here that sells marionette puppets. Gabe has always had a love for puppets and especially marionettes so last year when we were here I got him a couple small ones and put them up for his birthday. He has loved those little puppets and does shows for us all the time but he quickly started asking for more. I told him the next one he'd have to buy so for the past six months he's been doing little jobs to earn money and today turned all that in to buy another marionette so here is Kanga the marionette kangaroo. I really thought it would take him a long time to decide which one he wanted, but he made up his mind pretty quickly.
Mya showing off her new little necklace.
Alena was fascinated by the marionette probably since it is life size to her.

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