Sunday, August 03, 2008

Post from the beach (# 1)

Once again, our plans were thwarted as we planned to leave for the beach yesterday at 4 am. This was a very loft goal as we had Bible school last week and everyone was exhausted and everything was a mess. However, after Alena was up all night Friday with a snotty nose we had to make a pit stop by the pediatrician Saturday morning. Thankfully, she didn't have an ear infection only four teeth coming in and thus we began our journey. 12 hours later we arrived here at Oak Island, NC. Overall, the trip went well despite the fact we were out of the car less than an hour. Here's how the kids spent most of their time.

Here's Alena after about 8 hours. At this point she was getting rather tired of being in her seat and decided to scream about the last two hours. Pleasant time, for sure!
It was well worth it, when this morning we woke up to the sound and site of the ocean out our bedroom window. Here are Gabe and Mya with RuthAnne enjoying the ocean view.
and here's cute Will enjoying the ocean view as well.

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