Saturday, June 21, 2008

Picnic and Friends

We had a houseful of kids yesterday as two of my childhood friends came for a visit with all of their children . We had a total of 10 kids under 6 in our house all day and they played amazingly well together. I don't think there was one argument the entire time. Here we all are in the best shot I had - you can imagine this was no easy feat. Julie and her three boys are on the left, Sarah and her four girls are in the middle and we are on the right. We had a great time. Today was Nae's work picnic at the YMCA's camp. They always rent it out for the day and although we got rained out this afternoon, we still got in a couple hours of fun.

Gabe and Nae rode in the kayak first thing.
Alena is finally walking at least as much as she is crawling which makes being outside much easier.
Mya waiting on Brother and Daddy and playing in the sand.
I was very shocked when Gabe climbed up and went down this slide as soon as he got in the pool. He tends to be very hesitant to try things like this, but he loved playing in the pool and got braver and braver as the day went on.
Mya doesn't really even like the bath tub so I didn't expect her to enjoy the pool, but she did get in and walk around some. She and Alena both enjoyed the little splash park a lot more, though.
Alena just couldn't figure out where the water went.

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wbtrice said...

Hi! I enjoy reading your blog from time to time, just to keep up with your family, and because our kids are very similar in spacing (we're expecting our 3rd in November). Anyway, random question... in the 5th picture from the last Alena is wearing some adorable white sandals...where did you get them? My daughter is about the same age and has been walking for a few months and is wearing out her shoes...I need some cute all-around shoes and those look perfect. Thanks in advance!