Thursday, May 08, 2008

The construction site

Our street dead-ends into a large dirt area were for over a year they have been blasting, moving rocks, and hauling away dump truck loads of dirt. I believe eventually they will be building houses in this area but until then my children call this "The construction site." There used to be a lot of heavy equipment to look at but now it's huge mountains of dirt and rock. One night this week Nae was gone and so we hiked over to the construction site in an effort to wear everyone out before bedtime.

We first found this poor little guy - which looked kind of like a fossil it was so preserved and dried up. I'm not sure what these yellow "strings" are that Gabe and Mya love to collect. I have a feeling they are something used for the blasting because they're partially buried in the ground. I'm assuming it's nothing dangerous since they just leave them up there for children to randomly pull up and then cart back to the house.

Gabe took this picture of me and Alena. Even though Alena looks like she's being choked she really isn't and she enjoys riding this way.
As an aside, this morning Gabe said something I didn't think I'd ever hear from his little mouth. He got up around 7 which is a miracle in and of itself and comes into my room stretching and yawning. He then says, "I'm still tired. I think I'll go back to bed." I was sure that I didn't hear him right but sure enough he goes running back to his room...and stays there approximately 2 minutes before feeling very well rested and becoming his normal, active self.

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