Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday Celebration (part 1)

I've divided all the pictures up into two separate posts just because I know everyone wants to see lots of pictures from Alena's big day. I promise after this to not have anymore birthday pictures for a while. Also, a big thanks to Carrie who took most of these pictures throughout the day.

Mya helped me make the cupcakes that morning . She told Uncle Nee, "We put the cupcakes in the oven and when they came out they had bees on them." (She was napping when Mom and I did all the decorating.) Believe it or not, this was in the afternoon before she had her cake; her Daddy decided she needed a Kit-Kat before all the festivities began. He, of course, had to do all the cleaning up from this little incident.
In addition to my family that was visiting, Pa thu, Ma thu, Nee, Teng, and Savannah came over. Here is the "kids table."
I love this picture of cute little Savannah or "Nana" as we all call her.
Daddy and the birthday girl (after he had cleaned her up and changed her clothes.)
Carrie and RuthAnne.

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