Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today was Gabe's very first soccer game, and boy did it go much better than Nae or I either one had anticipated. Let me give a little background: last March/April we went to see one of Gabe's good friends play soccer, and Gabe thought it was just wonderful. He repeatedly asked us when he could play and we told him when he was four we would sign him up. Well, when the time for spring sign - up comes he again says that he wants to play. We stress that if we pay for him to play then he is going to finish out the season, etc he assures us that he wants to play. So, the first practice rolls around, Nae is the assistant coach so he and Gabe head to practice and what does Gabe do - screams and cries the entire time; would not even go out onto the field until everyone had already left. As you might imagine, this did not go over well; however, after much talking, praying, and memorizing of Phillipians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." subsequent practices have gone much better. His first two games were canceled due to snow and rain which brings us to today. Gabe went to bed crying last night because he didn't want to play soccer today. We again prayed with him and this morning he seemed in better spirits but was still very hesitant once we arrived at the field. (And I might add it was cold today - not good for the spectators!) They first had to suffer through team pictures and getting ten 3 and 4 year olds to do anything is very difficult - getting them to sit still for a picture - impossible! After that torture, the game begins and Gabe, although very hesitant at first really started to do well after a few minutes. I'm not sure what he thought it was going to be like, but by the end he had scored 2 goals and said, "I didn't think I was going to like soccer, but actually , I love it!" We were very proud of him for giving it a shot even when he was afraid.

Hopefully, the rest of the season will go well but as we all know with kids you just never know what might happen next.

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Amy said...

Yeah Gabe! I'm glad he actually "loves" soccor :) By the way, your new floors look great!