Thursday, January 17, 2008

Items for sale

So, the past two days Gabe has come up with a new way to make some extra money (because he is always in need of more change) Yesterday, he set up not a lemonade stand but a water stand. For "just a few pennies" Nae and I could have a drink of water which he poured from his water bottle that he'd been drinking from most of the day. Today, he had a "yard sale " in his room, and for "just two pennies or a nickel" look what we could buy: (the sad thing is all this stuff came from his room) Here he is ringing his little bell to attract more customers. How can you turn down that cute smile?
This is what his whole little "yard sale" looked like. For seven cents I was able to purchase the lama picture (don't ask), a wallet size picture of Gabe as a baby, and a key chain - not a bad deal I suppose. I also feel that I must comment on his outfit - he's just gotten to the point where he wants to pick out his clothes every morning. Usually I'll say, "Get a pair of jeans and a shirt with a collar (if we're going out)" or something similar. Since we had no plans today, I just let him pick out whatever and he came out dressed totally in red because it must match, right? What you can't see is that he also had on red underwear. I just try to be happy that I no longer have to dress him.

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E.H. said...

bettGabriel is going to be quite the salesman! Isn'ti t amazing the things you find to sale in your room? :) Love Ya'll!

Auntie Em