Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Christmas 2007

I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone already. We had a great one despite a nasty cold virus that Mya and Alena had. Here's a summary of our past week.

Thursday night Noi and Nee, Teng, and Savannah came over for a mini Christmas get-together. The kids were very excited to be opening their first presents of the season. Friday morning we went to my family's in VA. Saturday we made a day trip to Boone, NC to visit my Mom's side of the family and Sunday was busy with church and the Christmas cantata that Dad and Mom sang in (Emma actually got sick and didn't get to sing). Monday we just took it easy and prepared for all the excitement to come on Tuesday. Gabe went to sleep fine on Monday night but woke up at 3am and ran out into the hall. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I was just checking to see if anyone was up yet." I assured him that everyone was still sleeping but he was not in the least sleepy. I think he finally went to sleep around 4:30 and then we were back to sleep until 7:30ish. That afternoon Carrie, Robbie and RuthAnne came over and we had a delicious dinner and played our traditional bingo game. All in all it was a great day. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Gabe with his marionette puppets. I had picked these up when we were at the beach in August - I knew he would love them.
Mya playing in her new "house."
This was acutally Christmas eve night when the kids were allowed to open up one shared present and Chrisa and Emma opened their gifts from each other - another tradition.
These after Halloween clearance costumes made great stocking stuffers.
So excited about opening up those stockings.

I realize we don't have that many pictures of Alena but rest assured she did enjoy the festivities as much as a snotty, coughing seven month old could. She did have a nice smile here getting ready to check out her stocking.
Gabe and Mya admiring Grandaddy's new knife.
Grandmama and Alena after everything was all over.

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