Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trip to VA and other random pictures

Ann, one of my good college friends who now lives in Dallas , flew up to visit with us this weekend. She flew in on Wednesday night and then Thursday we headed up to VA to visit friends and family. It was a fun but busy time and unfortunately I didn't take many pictures. We did enjoy getting to hear my sister Chrisa and her friend Megan perform their duo piano recital and we also got to visit with my aunt and uncle from SC. The other exciting news, Gabe learned to ride his two wheel bike while we were there but more on that in another post. Here is Ann and the kids. On our way to Mom and Dad's we stopped by to see another college friend and her three girls (with number four due to arrive any day) As you can see from the picture, Gabriel was greatly outnumbered and when the girls started putting on their dress up things he said, "I'll just stay in my regular clothes."
One of my favorite things my kids wear is pj's they just look so cute after their bath all clean in their pajamas (or maybe it's just knowing that with pj's follows bed and quiet) Anyway it got rather cool last night so we got to pull out the pants and long-sleeve pajamas. This picture was actually taken this morning and both Gabe and Mya wanted to hold Alena.
Below are two random shots of Alena. You can see she's just about sitting up (with a little help of course) and I believe Gabe took the last picture. He loves to get her smiling and then run for the camera.

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