Friday, August 24, 2007

Trying to stay cool

We haven't been up to much the last two weeks mostly due to the fact that it's sooooo hot. We've had so many days in the triple digits I've lost count and the kids have only been playing outside after supper when it cools off to 99 or so and then for a few minutes. Here's a few pictures of what we've been doing - inside :)

I think Mya was watching Sesame Street in this picture. I tell you, you don't need to buy your kids toys mine play with their clothes baskets at least two or three times a week, and they even make great seats. Gabe likes to hold Alena in the morning after I feed her, and it's helpful to me so I can get some stuff done first thing. My friend Kristin gave me the idea of laying her on the Boppy so it's easier for him to hold her and she's not as heavy. Gabe likes it this way because he can "see her eyes" as he says. He'll hold her like this for 20 minutes or so.
The other day we got home late from a play date so I just sent Mya to play in her room instead of taking a nap so late in the afternoon. She played for about twenty minutes and then climbed up on her bed and went to sleep. I love that she'll do this probably because Gabriel would never never think of doing such a thing.
We took a break from coloring this morning to snap a few pictures while Alena was happy in the floor. In this first one, Alena looks like shes thinking, "Mom, please get me out of here!"

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