Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random pictures

We took our sprinkler ball over to Pathu and Mathu's on Sunday. We thought Savannah would really like it since she's usually so adventurous but turns out she wasn't interested. Mya doesn't like it either so Gabe was left to play alone. He still had a good time, though. Here Nae caught him in a live action shot. The girls preferred cooling it on the porch with their juice. Check out Savannah's cheesy grin.
When it's time for us to go every week, Savannah almost always follow us out but this week she climbed on in the van and wedged herself between Gabe and Mya's car seats. She was ready to go, or so she thought.
Here's a good blackmail shot that just cracks me up. Both Gabe and Mya on the potty (notice Mya is fully clothed.) Mya will go get books and Gabe will read to her while they're both sitting there.

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