Friday, June 01, 2007

All tired out!!

So our little Mya who has always been such a wonderful sleeper is showing a different side of her personality this week. I'm guessing that with the changes in our household lately Mya is exhibiting her displeasure by screaming when we put her to bed or in the middle of the night at random points. She has never done this before and while we had some sympathy on her at the beginning of the week , we are now regretting that thinking that we have contributed to the problem. All that to say at nap time today I decided to just let her "cry it out." when she was finally quiet I went in to check on her and this is what I found. Don't worry, though I didn't leave her this way even though she woke up when I tried to move her. We are hoping that she is a quick learner and this won't be a problem too much longer.


Carrie Cornett said...

I love your sleepy-head! Can't wait to see you guys!

Scudder said...

Hi Clara...

You don't know me-- I met Nae two months ago at a get-together in Chattanooga. I'm Warren Trice's wife. Anyway, we have a 22 month old and a new baby born on April 30th, and our older one also started this screaming thing right before the baby was born. We've tried everything, and letting him scream it out (which we still do) sometimes lasts 2 hours! We've also tried a cup of milk (thinking he may be hungry) which has been the easiest solution so far. But then again he doesn't always want it, preferring to scream. :) We're still dealing with it most nights-- although he's stopped screaming at naptimes-- and we now get up with him, but the baby sleeps through the night. Go figure.

Congratulations on your newest little one! Thanks for the birth announcement.

Brite Trice