Friday, May 18, 2007

More pictures of Alena Noi

We are home as of this afternoon and trying to settle back in to some kind of routine. Alena seems to be doing well at least she is eating, sleeping and pooping which is all you can really ask a two day old baby to do. Gabriel was very excited for us to be home today and stood beside the cradle saying, "When is the 'new baby' going to wake up?" Mya was excited that I was home but didn't pay much attention to Alena except when she started crying at which point Mya also started to cry. Hopefully, everyone will make a quick adjustment to having this new little one around.

All swaddled up and ready to go to bed. Ma thu (Nae's Mom) holds Alena for the first time.

Dressed up and ready to come home.
Our first attempt at a sibling shot - as you can see it was not very easy.

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