Monday, May 14, 2007

Elephants and Frogs..Oh My!!

We recently got Mya this elephant towel so she could be a "big girl" and save the "baby" towels for the new baby. I think she is just so cute with it on, but of course I am a little biased :) Also, I've posted some pics of Gabriel in his frog towel which he has had for a while but still loves to wear around while hopping like a frog.


Anne said...

In the first picture of Mya I love the lighting - it looks like it has been professional done! I am VERY proud of you! And of course it helps to have such a beautiful subject!!! (I am not biased either!!!!)

Tony and Amy said...

Just heard the news of your new little one! Praise the Lord!!! We are so excited for you all.