Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just some cute pics

I thought this sweater that Mya has on was just so cute that I needed to take a picture. As you can see, however, she did not feel the same way. She was upset because I wouldn't get her juice out of the fridge. This reminded me of the Judy Rogers song, "Isabell is a pig" - what she wears can't make what she does look good! Okay, one of the rules on my list of things I would never do to my children (ie have a DVD player in the car) was I would never make my little girl where those huge frilly hairbows that are bigger than their head. So, I'm sure this very cute whirlygig hairbow does not count. Besides, look at her face - she loves it!

Gabriel likes to make "decorations" in the morning while I am in the shower. He's made so many I don't know where we are going to hang them all. Here he is showing off one that he made this morning. Now how could you not smile if that sweet face was waking you up, even if it was 6 am. Check out that bed hair!

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