Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our week of Thanksgiving

We had a great past week since Emma (my sister) came up on Saturday and then Chrisa (another sister) and her roomate Megan came up on Wednesday. I guess we were so busy that I really didn't get any good pics of the kiddos. We all went over to the Soundara's for Thanksgiving dinner and boy was there a lot of food! I don't have one picture of the evening, though. Scroll down to see what I did get.
Mya has learned how to not only get tupperware out of the cabinet but also how to climb all the way in the cabinet. She can't get down, though so it wasn't long after these pictures that she was crying because she was stuck!
Here's Chrisa (holding Gabriel), me and Emma. They were so kind to help me get out all of our Christmas stuff and get everything up. Gabe was very confused, however, about when we were going to decorate for Thanksgiving.
The girls also helped with our tradition of building gumdrop trees. Here's Gabriel with his finished creation.
Also new to our Christmas decorating this year we have lights on the outside of our house. Thankfully, Nae didn't fall off the roof doing this and that is Emma up there helping him not me. I'll post pictures of the quite impressive finished product soon.
Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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