Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One last bit of summer

After a lot of rain the past two days, it cleared off last night and was warm. We were feeling a little cooped up after having been inside for several days so it was so nice to send the kids out to play. Of course the first thing they did was splash in the rain water that had collected in everthing. Mya particularly thought this was funny. She is doing so well walking now, although she'll still drop down and crawl if she's in a big hurry. I thought these next pictures of Gabe were so good. They just capture his personality! His shirt was so wet that he decided to just take it off and as you can see his pants were about to fall off too. They loosen up so much by the end of the day that even turning the waist down doesn't help to keep them up.

This picture of Mya was from Sunday morning. She was a little under the weather so I stayed home with her. I couldn't belive that she figured out how to climb in this metal box and not fall or get hurt. She had a great time sitting in there just tossing out all the toys .

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