Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy July 4th!!!

We've had a good long July 4th weekend. We started it off with a trip to Arkansas to visit Na, Todd and their new son Henry. They live on a 60 acre farm, so there was lots to do and Gabe especially had a great time. We didn't get a lot of pictures but Noi did so I will post more includidng some of Henry when we get them. If you ask Gabe what he got to do in Arkansas he would probably say - FISH!! He did go out in an actual boat in the pond to fish, but he liked this just as well. He didn't care that there were no fish in the pool to catch, the fun came in casting the hook in and then winding it back up.
Savannah is cooling off in the pool. Mya didn't get in since she had a little bit of a cold while we were visiting Arkansas.
We went to the pool with the Crooks on July 4th and then went down town to see the fireworks. This is the best picture we got of Mya and there were no good ones of Gabe. They were both exhausted from swimming all day, but we had a really nice day.
Miss Mya is just all over the house now. She also pulled up for the first time yesterday on the dishwasher. Of course by the time I got the camera she had fallen down and I couldn't get her to do it again. You can't see them in the picture, but she has gotten her bottom two teeth in as well.

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